No money? Doesn’t matter! We have a new social coin! @monedaTEJA


The economic crisis affecting Spain and the rest of the European countries is having a negative impact in the society, in terms of employment, professional growth and quality of life.

Unfortunately quite often the most affected sectors are the health and education ones, because of the government investment reduction and financial cuts. Health and education though, are necessary for the human and economic development of our society.

tejeRedes, the social organization aimed to boost creativity and innovation through communities and social grids, together with Somos Más,  is introducing a new economic value, sustainable and in line with some trends we are seeing in the last years: social networks, co-creation, collaboration, etc.

Starting from a shift from an economic point of view to a “knowledge point of view”, tejeRedes & Somos Más are implementing and promoting a new coin and a new way of paying for its workshops and seminars: the monedaTEJA.
In this way these organizations are giving the chance to get knowledge and experience to all those people affected by the crisis too and that would rather prefer to avoid extra expenses.

The value of this new coin is related to the networks generation capacity, furthermore using the social coin is a new way of connecting people, sharing information and communicating.

Let’s have some additional information..

During the last workshop I attended here in Madrid (Circo) I had the chance to choose between different ways of paying for my attendance (despite the chance to pay with euros..).

The possibilities were:

1)   Write and publish 1 or 2 posts related to the workshop or to my personal experience within 15 days

2)   Publish 10 or 20 different contents on twitter or google+ or facebook within 15 days

3)   Spend 1 or 2 hours aimed to create nets and networks between people, in virtual contexts (like skype, video conference, etc) or through proper seminars

The teja coin (monedaTEJA) has a time, social and knowledge value and it is a new social technology aimed to create awareness, to share information and enhance collaboration. 1 single TEJA coin corresponds to 1 hour of shared knowledge, of networking, or to 10 euros.

I personally see monedaTEJA as a first step to get closer to a sustainable development and as an initial “shift” from the economic to a human development approach, where people and their knowledge and experiences are at the center (R. Chambers and A. Sen development theories) and not only the money.

Thank you very much tejeRedes & Somos Más!


For more information:


Somos Más

monedaTEJA: Twitter @monedaTEJA and website

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Circo workshop

Circo workshop





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