Galaxy tabs into new era

Before I was the proud owner of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab, I was not very familiar with this new gadget. In all honesty, I have always been more a Steve Jobs fan. In my Apple trajectory, the Ipad would have probably been a logical follow-up. Fate decided different though.
Nonetheless my first impression of the Galaxy Tab was surprisingly positive. “How cool”, was the first thought occurring in my mind when I was holding this tablet. It is light like a feather, almost as slim as a paper and simplistic in the way I like it. Good choice EOI!
The danger lies in its attention distracting qualities. Certain teachers may have already noticed the students being sucked up, in what some will call, a “Galaxy bubble”. However, it also gives us endless possibilities. We can manage our agendas, look for information online and work in different applications at the same time (they call that technically multitasking) and still be able to have a clear overview. ‘But one can also do that with a computer’, you will think. True.

But this tablet is smaller, easier to carry, we can manipulate handwritten notes and it has longer battery life and thus uses less energy.
Since I am a student of Sustainable Development and CR I feel the responsibility to give a sustainable tip for the tablet users. It is possible to connect a hybrid solar charger with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. A 1,5 Wh solar panel enabling to recharge the internal battery. A reason for purchasing this solar charger could be for instance that one wants to keep the Galaxy Tab charged during backpacking!

Find more info about this in the following link:

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