DP: Could we have our chocolate, and eat it too?

Hello everyone!

The other day, I stumbled upon an interesting blog post from the World Bank website and was moved to talk abit about its central topic here on my EOI blog.

By now, I’m quite sure that most of us are aware of the threats posed by global warming. We feel every year that our hot summers are getting hotter, we hear news of polar icecaps melting, and we see the sea levels rising and causing major floods in various countries around the world.

But to put things into a more personal perspective, how would climate change affect our households, our daily rituals, and more specifically, our diets?

As mentioned in the blog, climate change could affect even the seemingly trivial portions of our lives. The simple pleasures we enjoy in life, such as the various kinds of coffee we drink, and the different types of chocolates we enjoy – all are at risk of even the slightest change in global temperatures.

It serves as a reminder of how dependent our lives are on the sustainability of the environment.

In relation to development, the consequences of climate change are making a big difference to cocoa, coffee, and wine industries, and of course it directly affects the local farmers whose sources of income are dependent on the production of such commodities.

According to Miller, the author of the blog post, environmental risks involved in countries such as Ghana and Papua New Guinea are already being assessed, and there are efforts to find the best ways of managing the prices, and increasing the sustainability of cocoa and coffee industries.

Miller highlights that “changes big enough to ruin carefully managed, high value commodities like coffee, chocolate and wine will have much larger consequences for bulk commodities, the unmanaged ecosystem, and the way we live and work.”

It is, therefore, eseential to realise that while climate change could indirectly affect our eating and drinking habits, its effects on a larger scale could threaten the lives of farmers and the poor worldwide, as well as impede the development of our economies. As we undergo development at a time when the world is witnessing and experiencing rapid climate change, I believe that it becomes ever more important for our generation to find the best means of managing the environmental risks involved in our near future, doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprints, and developing in ways that are sustainable for the economy, the society, and the environment.

Being a true chocoholic myself, Miller’s notion that to save the chocolate, we must first save our planet, is one that I couldn’t agree with more! It is, after all, the only planet with chocolate.. and where would we be without it? 🙂

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DP: Could we have our chocolate, and eat it too?

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DP: Could we have our chocolate, and eat it too?

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DP: Could we have our chocolate, and eat it too?

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DP: Could we have our chocolate, and eat it too?

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DP: Could we have our chocolate, and eat it too?

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DP: Could we have our chocolate, and eat it too?

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DP: Could we have our chocolate, and eat it too?

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