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¡Hola a todos!  =D

I’m Syafrina and I come from Malaysia. I am currently a student of the International Masters in Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (IMSD) at Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI).

Click on the above video to watch Leda Stott, Director of the IMSD at EOI talk about the Master’s programme.

I was raised in various countries and cities such as Leeds in United Kingdom, Pennsylvania and New York City in United States, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and recently I spent a year of my life in Perugia, Italy. I guess I am what some would refer to as a “Third Culture Kid”. However, growing up with a mother who managed to escape poverty through education and worked hard to become who she is today, I was always taught to remember my roots and where I come from. Thus, Malaysia is close to my heart, and I often try to seek means and ways to contribute my skills and knowledge to the development of my nation, the Southeast-Asian region, and thereby the world.

My arrival in Madrid was my first taste of Spain. Since the day I landed in this bustling city situated in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, I have encountered a hybrid of both sweet and sour events, which have all been life-learning experiences to me as an international student.

Regardless of some of the challenges I have faced, I am happy to note here that upon commencement of the IMSD programme, my life in Madrid has become more and more fascinating as I meet and get to know my fellow comrades, professors/trainers/mentors, and others at EOI who hail from all sorts of countries, backgrounds, and expertise. It is truly amazing for me to witness the diversity of all my colleagues’ cultures, languages, thoughts, skills, perspectives, and more.

EOI Signboard - This picture was captured on the first day I arrived at EOI.


Today was the second day of our academic programme here at EOI and already I feel as though I’ve learned what some could have taken months or even years to attain! For that, I’m sincerely grateful for being given the opportunity to study here in this particular programme. It makes all the obstacles I’ve faced to get myself here completely worth it and I would like to personally thank EOI for the warm welcome you’ve given us.

Studying at EOI, I hope to absorb as much knowledge and wisdom as I possibly can on critical issues surrounding Global Climate Change and Sustainable Development, as well as the important role of Corporate Social Responsibility on society, the environment, and the global economy. Of course at the same time, I would love to improve my knowledge of the Spanish language and maybe even adopt the madrileño accent.. haha..  🙂

Together with my fellow classmates, I look forward to learning, exploring, dreaming, and experiencing all that the IMSD programme at EOI has to offer and am truly glad to be a part of it. As one of my favourite authors, Paulo Coelho, states:

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience”

‘Til my next post, hasta luego!

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