Entrepreneurial iniciative: LICO N GO

This is the business idea that group 2 from English 2 developed during the Entrepreneurial iniciative course:

Written by María Díez,  Sara Elizalde and Javier Solano


LicoNgo is going to be a business consisting  on a the delivery  service of  basic products such as food, drinks and other articles related. The main objective of the company will be expanding all over the city, with different stores located in strategic locations all over the city.The first business line, in order to start making faithful customers, will consist on the delivery of drinks, snacks, ice, and other articles related to get togethers, parties, and social meetings in general.

During the first years, the business will be located in a potential location of the city of Madrid: Moncloa- Guzman el Bueno- Metropolitano. We have decided this area as it´s very closed to the University area, and lots of students live here.

As the Spanish law bans the possibility to deliver alcoholic beverages without having a retail space open to the public, the warehouse will have a small storage where customers will be able to enter and buy the products. The business won´t need a large number of employees, there will be a person attending and preparing the orders (via phone, webpage and social networks such as Facebook and Tuenti) and two delivery men who will also help with the orders and the warehouse order when they are not attending any orders. In order to attend the deliveries, the business will rent two scooters and an auto-van.

The firs product line of the business will consist on the sell of the following products:

-Alcoholic beverages (rum, vodka, whisky, gin, beer, sangria, wine and Jägermeister)

Non alcoholic beverages ( Coca Cola light and normal, Orange and Lemon Fanta, Sprite, Water, Red Bull and Juice)

-Ice cubes, plastic dishes and glasses

-Snacks: several sort of chips, popcorn and dried fruits (nuts, almonds, peanuts. etc)


Our customers are going to be people between 18 and 35, but the target of this business will focus on the following groups:

– People with a medium level income, which are working (with very long an exhausting schedules, over 8 hours per day),  who appreciate their free time and are willing to pay for this service in order to avoid spending time on going to the supermarket to buy this products. They are young people under 35, who are used to work everyday but still enjoy going out and having fun.

-Younger people over 18 years old, which enjoys social events and wants to buy drinks in an inappropriate time, or run out of drinks in the middle of the night. For one reason or another, this group will be willing to buy our products, in order to keep enjoying the night.

Political future:

-With the latest change of government, it doesn´t seem that they are going to change any legislation referring to the sell of alcoholic beverages, so the distribution of alcohol won´t be a problem.

Socio-cultural future:

– Long working schedules are starting to get more common everyday, so people don`t have much free time for buying.

– Free time tendencies do not change: alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are part of social events.

-People spend a lot of time in the social networks (Facebook, Tuenti, Tweeter): a good way to communicate with the customers will be via this networks.

Economic future:

– Because of the crisis, that will remain for a few years more, people prefer to have some drinks at home instead of having them at a higher price at any bar or club.

-Fuel price have been increasing over the last years, if the price keeps rising it will make our product more expensive

Technological future:

– Internet gives a lot of opportunities both for advertising and selling products via social networks

– Increasing importance of social networks, more interaction with clients.

– Smartphones are becoming part of the essentials in most of the people under 35. This gives a huge opportunity to raise these customers via internet.

Environmental future:

– The awareness of people among environment is increasing: consumers are demanding companies that take care of the environment. Giving the appearance of a green company, worried about environmental issues, will be important in order to make more clients.

Legal future:

– The law does not alow to consume alcohol in the street, and this is not going to change at least in the near future.

– There are no expected changes in the law about the legal age for drinking alcohol.


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Entrepreneurial iniciative: LICO N GO

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