New power of customers: the ZERO Moment

I felt overwhelmed  when I discovered the amount of information and statistics that are available about internet consumption. Experts in digital marketing control and monitor all the steps we take, in order to work with effective commercial communication.

The traditional commercial communication mechanism is a process which is developed in three phases:

In the last phase, if the customer necessity has been satisfied, the company has got a new client.

But in the moment we put internet on our life, that channel is modified (see the photo below). The organization keeps in selling its products, but the clients are able to show their opinion in a massive media.  A new moment, called “zero moment”, is defined. Through it, the customer is capable of looking for information about the product.

The “zero moment” is critical for the companies, where they must work their heart out. Why? Because this phase is fed by customers who have lived the second moment of the true and they write their opinions in the net, which are impossible of controlling. Our product MUST be excellent and satisfy the necessities of the client, or it is the end.

Have you ever searched information about a product in the net before buying in an offline or online shop? I told you…experts know everything about our conduct pattern.


China: unknown country

I just got back from Shanghai, and as I promised, I would like to share what I have learned and my new point of view about China.

Definitely yes, China is synonymous of big opportunity. It is a country that works in another order of magnitude: all the numbers frighten…1.400 million of inhabitants, outstanding infrastructures, enormous cities and traffic jams, and of course, the famous Chinese pollution (not everything is positive).

Let me focus in how to do business in/with China. Although we can find a big opportunity there, it is necessary to realize that China is a difficult (and even tricky) market. The basic step for being success is to understand the culture and the country (simple in the paper, arduous in the real life):

Once a company start in China, there is a positive fact: foreigner brands are trustfully in China, they prefer to buy western brands rather than national ones. A useful strategy is to position the brand as luxury, since they buy expensive goods because of Mianzi. However, one must be very careful because the Chinese customers are not loyal because they are exposed since a couple of years to many brands and they do not have enough knowledge about what they represent.

At present, we can observe a change in China. For example, they are trying to develop the soft power, going after the objective of introducing their culture in the entire world. In addition, they want to change their growth scheme:

Recapitulating, China is a great and complex country that must be visited to understand. It is a land full of opportunities, where brave and clever people can do their best. Without any doubt, China is going to be a country where the future might lay, while they have to face some important challenges. Will they get?


Shanghai, new experience.

Here I am. I have been studying at EOI Business School since 4 months ago, and this is my first post. Being honest, I am excited by this fact because I love doing new things in life. But, why did not I write till now? There are many reasons: from lack of time to seek of ideas for talking about.

However, I will travel to Shanghai tomorrow, so I found the perfect excuse to start with this useful tool. The reason for the trip is to learn how to do business in China, besides of making institutional and professional contacts. I supposed you can understand now why this is such a perfect moment to initiate the blog. Moreover, I always find interesting to measure the improvements I get when I focus on a target. Indeed, I would try to describe trough this post what I think about what I should consider when doing business in China. Finally, I will compare and contrast my initial ideas (written here) with the lessons learned.

I think that it is obvious that if you want to start doing business in a country, first of all you must know how the country is from the point of view of laws and the politic and economic system. This set your behaviour and your possibilities of doing business (would you have the same strategy in Cuba than in USA, for example?).

Once you have studied the legal framework of the country, it is necessary to remember that the relations are the basis for doing business. So it is extremely important knowing the Chinese culture and protocol.  We must pay attention to our behaviour, because what is usual for us, can be rude for others cultures. Gaining the respect and trust of the Chinese interlocutor should be the priority, and realise that if we lost it, we would miss out the chance on developing the business. Knowing some words in Chinese could be another positive point because it would allow us to generate empathy.

Summing up, when you want to do business in other countries, like China in this case, try to learn as much as possible about the country, the people and culture.



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