After having been in contact with the Chinese society during my stay in this country and after the conference we had in the shanghai jiao tong university we learned certain aspects to mention as they can be:

China is a country from the Orient of Asia, the third biggest country of the world in surface, following Russia and Canada, and the biggest according to population. Its official name is  Republic China and the official language is the mandarin. The capital of China is Beijing, although the biggest city of the country is Shanghai.

Talking about religion, most of the Chinese practise simultaneously the Buddhism, the Taoism, the Confucianism and the Chinese traditional religion, although there also exist many people that are Buddhist exclusively, being this one the biggest “organized” religion of China and one of the few ones who enjoys patronage.

Another cultural aspect that I would like to point out  is how different the meal is in this country to which we are used to eat, even very different from the Chinese meal that we can find in Spain. The rice is the main dish, served with soup and some vegetables that we have eaten during our stay.

Finally something that  has caught my attention is the cultural values that this society possesses, such as  the commitment with the marriage, the respect for the elderly people, the veneration to dead people and the big importance that they give to the education.

In conclusion it has been a great trip and an awesome experience that has allowed me to know a different culture.

Manuel Sánchez Ostos

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