The Great Experience



I would like to say it has been one of the best experiences of my life.
China was not in my top list places to know, however the travel changed my mind.
I would like to highlight the most significant things that caught my attention such as the culture, buildings, conferences and so on.

First of all, the culture is very interesting. In addition, I found really significant how they usually manage their life in crazy situations like traffic jump, in the subway, business, etc..

Secondly, talking about buildings I would like to say that there are two parts, the new one where the financial city is and the another one integrated by the traditional Chinese houses which you can see in movies

In addition, conferences were pretty interesting as we learnt how marketing and human resources work,and how difficult is to run a business in China

According to the visits to companies, I enjoyed the most NEOBAY which is a startup accelerator. They explained us the different projects they worked with.

One of the most useful thing was networking. I mean, at the end of the stay we had the chance to speak with people who decided to leave their previous jobs and start a new life in Asia.
I could meet people very interesting who gave me a new global vision being an entrepreneur in China.

Other one of the things that more I have liked was the stress of weekend that we did to Beijin, it was intense but full of good moments, very entertaining, where we could visit a marvel of the world, the big wall, which ascent was complicated, but we manage to come almost to the highest thing. Also we knew the Olympic town where the Olympic games were celebrated in 2008, it was impressive.

On the other hand, I would like to thank everybody who did possible this unforgettable trip such as EOI people and colleagues who became friends after this experience.

There is no doubt, I stronglt recommend this experience to everybody who is looking for a new challenge.
Best Regards

The visit I most liked

To start, I would like to say that if someone has the opportunity to do this business trip in Shanghai, do it!

I am going to talk about the visit I most liked and this choice is difficult because I think that all visits were very interesting in Shanghai.

The visit I most liked was “Shanghai Tower”







The Shanghai Tower is a skyscraper located in the Pudong district in Shanghai 2, and  the building rises 632 meters, with 128 floors and an area of 420,000 square meters.

It is currently the tallest building in China and the second skyscraper Highest in the world, only surpassed by the Burj Khalifa of Dubai.

This experience was amazing for me because I have not been in some skyscraper.

I recommend, if you have a choice, to visit this place because it is the finance place in Shanghai.


HR Management, Labour Market & Expatriation in China

China has a diversity of job opportunities for people seeking professional growth due to the breadth of its labor market and because it is becoming a global power.

Resultado de imagen de china potencia mundial
On the one hand, Chinese companies invest in human resources and provide good working. However, some studies say that Chinese workers are the most stressed out in Asia and many industries suffered form high rates of turnover and the growing impact of labor unions. One of the sources of stress for workers are high prices of apartments and being away from his hometown and family. In addition, many companies prefer to hire men since women, because they take a long license when they are pregnant. All of this, creates psychological problems for workers such as irritability, confusion, aggravation and depression.
Resultado de imagen de estres en el trabajo chino
Despite this, Chinese workers are very competent and work many hours per day. They seek bold challenges, because the greater the challenge greater are the benefits that can be harvested.
In my opinion, China is a good place to work and grow professionally despite the difficulties. You just need to know the language and adapt to cultural differences. China has many job opportunities and will continue to grow. If you are a young person and you are willing to deal with the sources of stress it is your opportunity to achieve professional growth.
Resultado de imagen de china potencia mundial


Chinese culture has left me breathless. Not only Shanghai, the city we stayed the majority of the time, but also Beijing, its capital. It is necessary to remark that Confucianism has had a monumental impact in life, social structure and philosophy in china.

Confucianism is the main ideological component in Asians societies, especially in the country in which it was originated, China. It has four main principles: education, family, hierarchy and benevolence.

Although it is the 3rd largest country in the world, it is awesome the way people are handled there.

The official language is Mandarin but it is also spoken Cantonese and others. There are 55 minority nationalities in China.

There are many habits which surprised me such as the meaning of receiving a red envelope: cash. Apart from that, Chinese calligraphy hides a history I didn’t know and I found it really interesting.

Be careful if you are about to cross a road because cars are not stopping. The underground is also a bit crazy as people are all in a hurry and probably you are going to be pushed.

Some aspects, on the other hand, need to be improved: population with college education attainment is too low. Only a ten percent gets college degree and that is so sad.

Transport sector has had a huge improvement. The high speed rail provides you with the opportunity to travel from Shanghai to Beijing in about four hours thank to its 400 km/h. That is impressive!

In terms of festivals, the most important one is Chinese New Year which takes place the 1st day of the 1st lunar month. There are others such as the Lantern Festival, Qing Ming, Duan Wu, Mid-Autumn Festival.

Finally, I would like to talk about food. There is a great variety and the most typical ones are rice, noodles, red boiled egg and fish. I liked almost everything I tried.

I did not know so much about its culture and I am so thankful because I feel it as a part of me and know I understand why they behave the way they do.

China is different but a country worth living.



HR Management, labour market & expatriation in China

After attending the lecture about labour market and expatriation in China during the course I took in Shanghai, I understood that the main problem, like in any other country, is to attract, develop and to retain good local professionals to achieve certain goals at an industrial level.

I felt surprised that there are seven million of university graduates looking for high-quality jobs, despite the educational system implanted in China has already been improved and high quality professional´s demand has increased sharply and there is a tendency to hire less expatriate managers.

It is estimated that in 2012, 40% of Western expatriate workers working in China and multinational companies decreased in comparison to 2007. Although expatriates in China have gone down because of cultural shock, it does not mean that there are no opportunities for them to work there. There is a growing market with new intercultural roles and commercial challenges emerged as a consequence of the difference between different cultural communication such as Chinese and Western people.


In conclusion, there are plenty of opportunities for professionals who manage Chinese language and an international mindset in foreign and local companies in China.



Thank you for reading this entry,

Laura Díaz Galván




After having been in contact with the Chinese society during my stay in this country and after the conference we had in the shanghai jiao tong university we learned certain aspects to mention as they can be:

China is a country from the Orient of Asia, the third biggest country of the world in surface, following Russia and Canada, and the biggest according to population. Its official name is  Republic China and the official language is the mandarin. The capital of China is Beijing, although the biggest city of the country is Shanghai.

Talking about religion, most of the Chinese practise simultaneously the Buddhism, the Taoism, the Confucianism and the Chinese traditional religion, although there also exist many people that are Buddhist exclusively, being this one the biggest “organized” religion of China and one of the few ones who enjoys patronage.

Another cultural aspect that I would like to point out  is how different the meal is in this country to which we are used to eat, even very different from the Chinese meal that we can find in Spain. The rice is the main dish, served with soup and some vegetables that we have eaten during our stay.

Finally something that  has caught my attention is the cultural values that this society possesses, such as  the commitment with the marriage, the respect for the elderly people, the veneration to dead people and the big importance that they give to the education.

In conclusion it has been a great trip and an awesome experience that has allowed me to know a different culture.

Manuel Sánchez Ostos

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The visit I most liked


To talk about what has been the visit that I liked the most is a very complicated subject since all the places we were in and had the opportunity to visit have been a great sample of culture and international history.

If I had to choose some serious The Great Great Wall as it is the greatest architectural icon of Chinese culture and one of the wonders of the World.

The Great Wall of China is an ancient Chinese fortification built and rebuilt between the fifth century BC. And the sixteenth century to protect the northern frontier of the Chinese Empire during the successive imperial dynasties of the Xiongnu nomadic attacks of Mongolia and Manchuria.

The wall was designated a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1987.Approximately 10 million workers died during its construction. They were not buried in the wall itself, but in its vicinity.

Having the opportunity to tread the steps to climb to the top is undoubtedly one of the best moments lived during the trip.

It was very gratifying to go up with my companions all those stairs and battlements of vigilance strolling through a millenary culture.

The provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions through which the Wall passes are Gansu, Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Jilin, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Beijing, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Shandong, Shanxi, Sichuan, Tianjin and Xinjiang.

The materials used are those available around the building. Limestone was used near Beijing. In other sites it was used granite or fired brick.

Forts were built along the wall, or directly integrated into the walls, with a smoke signal system to prevent attacks.

Without a doubt The Great Wall was one of the places to stand out in this great experience.


To start my post, I would like to point out that the experience in China has been incredible from classes at Jiaotong University in Shanghai to the fake market and all the visits we have made whether cultural or business. However, if I had to choose one, it would be the Great Wall of China. The day I was there I understood why it is one of the 7 wonders of the world.
As important aspects, to say that this wall is not a single, but is the unification of several that were built during different dynasties around the year 200 aC to defend itself of the inhabitants of the present Mongolian, and extends from the province of Xinjiang until That of Hebei.According to recent studies, its length reaches about 7,000 km.Its most important areas have been rebuilt due to the deterioration that had caused the passage of time to allow tourists to visit it easily and without any danger. The wall only partially limits a country, North Korea.
We were struck by the number of engravings and graffiti that occupy the surface of much of the wall, making it one of the most remarkable architectural works of the visitors.

In my opinion, it was totally worth it to climb the great number of steps to enjoy the scenery and above all to have shared all this experience with wonderful people.




David García HR Managemente, labour, Market & expatation in china

In China what most caught my attention the HRM are:

The orderly processes that are followed in the HRM in the Chinese companies, perform a job analysis, planning the real needs.

Once the need is seen, the profile of the candidate is sought, the selection process is done and the chosen one is oriented to the company’s policy (salary, salaries, training and development)



In the HRM environment we highlight the regulation based on China’s contract law.

Those  Chinese workers are the most stressed of all ASIA (surveys of workers from 2009 to 2013), while unions have a high growth

High turnover of workers in the company and Country with more efficiency in the return of the investment (ROI)


The labor market within china, we emphasize that there is a significant shortage of people with managerial and executive talents, there are 7 million graduates in China looking for a job of White collar colleges

Starting in 2015, the total employment area began a sharp decline, due to the policy of having only one child.

Finally, I would like to highlight that Multinationals in China, once they are introduced, they need a more flexible HRM policy.
They make the mistake of falling into the believe that applying HRM policies and practices is the best
The critical differences are found meanly in the methods of performance evolution, lines of authority and information management.


David García Campos   MBA full Time Sevilla.

The real Shanghai

China is a country with a really ancient history, so before I was there, I had an absolutely wrong opinion about what I was going to find in Shanghai, even though I knew that Shanghai was a really modern city. When I got there, I realized that Shanghai and its people were really different from that old China that I’ve always read about.

I’m going to talk about the customs and facts that really impressed me the most.

Traffic Jam in Shanghai

Traffic Jam in Shanghai

As you can see in the picture, we are facing a huge traffic jam in Shanghai. There are a lot of people living there and it seems that everyone’s got a car, so for that reason there are always traffic jams like this one. I was surprised by the fact, that because of that amount of traffic, drivers didn’t care about the traffic lights or traffic signs at all. When you are in Shanghai you have to get used to that, I mean if you are a pedestrian, you have to be very careful when you’re going somewhere if there are any car, motorbike or bike near to you. I have always thought that Rome was a mess when it comes to the traffic, but I’ve made up my mind since I was in Shanghai as a pedestrian for my first time.

Different taxis in Shanghai.

Different taxis in Shanghai.

In Shanghai there are tons of illegal taxis, now I know. They don’t have a determined taxi model, they are covered with different colors, even there are some of them that are suspicious taxis and they are in fact cars, not taxis. You have to be very careful with this because you know they always want you to pay more so you have to bargain, and also it can be a bit dangerous if you get a taxi alone, so I recommend you to take a taxi with your colleagues or anyone known, but not alone. Then there is another thing that was curious and it was the moment of taking a taxi. What a challenge! If you are not a pretty girl or you don’t look like a Chinese person, taxis usually won’t pick you up. We had a lot of difficulties trying to take a taxi, I was lucky because I’m a girl, so for me it was quite easy, but for some of my friends it was not just challenging, but risky too. Some of them even try to stop them by going across the road and standing up in front of the taxi, so the taxi couldn’t scape. Now, we make fun about it, but at the moment was very stressful.


Fake Market in Shanghai

Fake Market Sellers in Shanghai

Shanghai Restaurant waiters

Shanghai Restaurant waiters

This is the final point I would like to remark. I expected that Fake Market Sellers knew English because everyday they had to interact with people if they wanted to sell anything. In fact, I was amazed because some of them had a c2 level of English, so It felt great when you got there and they understood everything that you’ve just said. On the other hand, I felt really disappointed by most of the waiters that worked in common restaurants in Shanghai. They didn’t know English, French, anything, well only Chinese, but I really thought that they could speak a little bit of English, but no. I’m still surprised because I think that Shanghai has a lot of tourists, I suppose they know how to speak some japanese or korean, but there are tourists that are English, German… so I think they should improve their level in other languages because that would be more profitable for the restaurant and at the end, for the economy of Shanghai. So that’s the huge difference between sellers and waiters in Shanghai.

Now, I would like to say that Shanghai is very modern and respect China’s customs, but I think nowadays is a city that is growing and has a really big future, so I think with the time, it will turn into a one of the most international city in the world, but this would not happen so fast, because of the politic and economic factors that Shanghai depends on, but I’m really looking forward to it.

Thank you for reading this entry and I hope you’ve all enjoyed.

Rocío Vázquez Saldaña

PS: I leave you here a song that really reminds me to this Shanghai Trip and city.

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