Possible Business Etiquettes in China

Saturday the 1st of March, 2014 will be my first time that my golden legs will touch the fastest growing economy in the world called China. China is one of the world’s oldest civilizations.

There are a lot of things I expect to see in china because of what I have heard from friends who have visited there. I have read a lot about them in the media too. Respect for people’s country and culture is upheld very much there. I expect to take advantage of their friendly nature to create a long term business relationship with my contacts there.

Food is an important part of every society and it is at lunch and dinner that most business discussions take place. I will try as much I can to eat a little of everything on my table. I will probably be asking my host to order more food so our discussion can be prolong for both parties to leave the table satisfactory. It will be a win-win affair at the end of the day.  Am prepared for many toast to future cooperation and will make at least one toast during my meal, I will also try and clink my glass to the bottom of theirs as a sign of respect.

Business care: it is a beginning of a business relationship and also an opportunity for me to show my desire to start a business relationship with them and since it is most highly recommendable in China to accept business cards with your both hands and hold it very firmly so that the receiver has to rip it out of your hands. I am going to play along respectful as the rule or the protocol demands.

Language is very important in every aspect of our life. In Madrid for this few months has shown me that hola is not enough to take you to every where but I will try and learn few sentences not only to impress them but may be will have an impact on them there since I cannot take translator with me all the time.

Smiling is not a weakness and smiling to a Chinese is like a handshake among the westerners. It is the most common way of communication when people meet. Ghanaians expect fixed eye contact when having a discussion with you but on the contrary because of the authoritarian nature of the Chinese society I learnt eye contact is view as a gesture of challenge, which I will not do in China

Until I got to Spain I never knew I speak very fast and since it is very hard for non -English speakers to understand me I am going to slow down when am talking to a China since they do not like people repeating words after them and it is considered us impolite.

Last but not the least I have never smoke before but since Chinese consider smoking as a normal thing to do in most business environment, I will tolerate  them to smoke so that they can listen to me longer. Am going to adapt and learn and more about  the Chinese business customs. Am more then excited to see CHINA




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