What’s happening to Xiao Deng’s (小灯) light? Is it shutting down?


Xiao Deng

Xiao Deng: Little shining light

“It’s already 5:30 in the afternoon. I was hoping to go to my room and have a relaxing weekend, watching my favorite t.v. series. But we just got a rush order and I’ll have to stay until maybe 9 o’clock tonight. Since a client of us has promised a new line of clothes in Spain by next week, we have to be real quick. But hey!, more hours mean more money, so I’m cool with that.

These past days have been a little hard though. I tripped on a pile of clothes last week and hurt my knee. Besides, my lower back and shoulders hurt so much! These 3 years in this factory have taken their toll on my body. I haven’t been to the doctor because I don’t have an insurance. In times like these, I wish I had become the elementary school teacher I always wanted to be. But after my graduation from high school, I figured I better start working to support my family. I’m sad and feel down. I’m not living up to what my name means: Little shining light. I better go back to work now. My 1,5 hour during lunch break is over, and we still have so many blouses to sow today.



In between the sowing, I heard some colleagues commenting about our salary. They find it too low. I really don’t know what to think about that. I wonder if it’s true. But I’m afraid to ask. They wanted to complain about this. To who, they have no idea.

I’m tired, but happy. After reaching the factory this morning at 7:40, and being here for more than 14 hours, I can finally go back to the dorm, to my 4 roommates. I’m looking forward to playing Candy Crush and Angry Bird on my phone. Oh, I just remember. I can try out Tian Tian Fuweng, the new game I downloaded yesterday. Tian Tian Fuweng means Everyday Millionaire.


Tian Tian Fuweng. www.appgame.com

That’s what I’ll be one day, hahaha. But before that, I want to start a family. 22 years; the perfect      age for that! Today, I ran across Yinda, from Pingyao, my hometown. He works at the packaging department. He’s so nice, and kind. The two of us could make a better future together.”


A better future includes good working conditions too! What Xiao Deng doesn’t know yet is that she has the power to change and improve these working conditions. By knowing her rights and raising her voice she can have the real future she deserves!

Could playing games possibly help her in this quest?!

Stay tuned!

“Heroines of the Supply Chain”

Juan Juan Chen

Eva Capellán

Rocío Dañino

Esther Sedney

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