Love Brand: creating companies worth existing

Love brand is something essential nowadays when we talk about enterprises and marketing. It  allows us to rescue a brand or to totally redefined the concept and change how customers and employees value them.

To reach this Love brand zone it is needed to reach the common point between society values, personal values and company values. But even more important is talk about love brand related with adaptive and responsible SMEs due to the fact that something that all the companies are trying to achieve is this love brand or love mark

When we are talking about love brand we are talking about that enterprises that create passion within their employees and clients, that kind of enterprises that knows how to really engage with their stakeholders. A company that is not only socially responsible but also their values are shared by their employees and consumers. That is why the term of love brand catch my attention at class, I think that is a wonderful strategy to connect people and to involve people with SMEs, especially with adaptive and responsible SMEs that can have a positive impact in society as well as create consciousness and awareness. SMEs with purpose and shared values will be the ones with possibilities of becoming in a love brand.

It is not only about making promises but also about delivering that promises, it means providing coherent services and behaviours. It is about providing trustful and transparent information about what are you doing, mixing passion and coherence.

Wonderful examples of this love brand feeling are:


As we saw in class Lush is a natural and handmade cosmetics enterprise that have become in a powerful love brand for their consumers and as well for their employees. Their employees are voluntarily involved in campaigns for the reduction of packaging , ending naked on the street trying to defend this concept. In this case Lush is not an SME as well as already a large company, but this is a wonderful example about how we can really try to create this love brand concept in adaptive and responsible SMEs.

Another example I recently discover a small enterprise called: Love brand & Co, it is an enterprise based in UK and Barbados, that sell summer luxury clothes and they support the protection and sustainable conservation of forgotten species and their diminishing habitat, to help save them from extinction in the wild destining the 5% of the revenues, especially with elephants. Nowadays this small enterprise is starting to make people feel interested about them and people is starting to feel passionate about them for their values and messages. Nowadays they support 3 charities: Elephant Family, The David Sh eldrick Wildlife rust and Tusk Trust.

Their message is: “We are saving elephants, one pair of swimming trunks at a time.” – Oliver Tomalin, Founder

At the end what really catch me was this:“Nothing happens in isolation. It is not  “just” about our personal values but their interaction with other entities we operate with personal values as well as the company values”

Love brand in SMEs (small and medium enterprises) can be the tool of the future in terms of engaging people and make them aware about the importance of being responsible, adaptive and social and environmental friendly.

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