Management Skills and future application

One of the many reasons to choose the EOI was to complete our formation with a post-degree focused in the real world of the companies. Management Skills is in the context of an indispensable tool to carry out the approximation to the real life.

All that I have learned during the subject is useful to help me to apply in my future career. Firstly, effective presentation as company´s member I must connect with the other members and try to share my ideas, to my colleagues, bosses or employees; or try to sell a project to customers or potential business associates. Christopher, the teacher, taught us the steps to follow before and during the presentation.

I suspect that most important is apply in the professional and in the daily life even the Effective Negotiations. I have learned the importance of taking time before begin a negotiation to know and analyze that the other party wants; or how a BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement) is essential to know what we can and cannot concede. Same that in Effective Presentation, parties in a negotiation could be internal or external in the company.

Regarding Effective Leadership, I have extracted very important knowledge: the differences between being a boss and a leader, what are the defects that a bad boss have and a leader has not, and the skills that a leader has and the benefits to motivate a team and improve the results.

To sum up, thanks to the subject I think I could assume an important role in a company because I have the keys, and I realize that I chose the correct Master.

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