Looking for PERSPECTIVE…enough to be OBJECTIVE


One of the most important things either in your personal life or in your professional life is to be Positive. And try to learn for everything because it is the best option to improve your skills and abilities.


This is the first idea that I got from the   module “Managerial Skills” was to be AWARE of what is surrounding us, in order to a very famous quote…“if you have information, you have power”



The more you read, the better you become….but if you have the ability to apply all the things you have read you will succeed, you will be an effective presenter, and effective negotiator and an effective leader.

“Yes, you can speak in public with confidence”

This is one of the most important outcomes that I consider more important from the module, because for my future career in environmental issues is very important to know how to do an effective presentation in a way to transmit to the audience all the ideas you have and all the things that we (as humans) can change to improve our nature.


All the environmental issues are very hard to present in a company because the investment from that company it is going to be important, but if you know how to take them to the point B (in this case, protect and respect the environment) your success it is going to be obvious.

Moreover, the best way to present an issue is not the only thing that I am going to apply in my professional career, it is also very useful to be able to manage with all kind of situations in order to achieve agreements or negotiations, not only in the professional career also in my personal life because knowing the basics of negotiation and leadership you can handle with lots of situations and end them successfully.

I really recommend everybody to improve these skills because they are useful, necessary and required in your professional and personal life. Good luck!!

Hope you enjoy the song, for me it is about looking behind to concern what you can achieve if you look forward



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