Motivation, a Key Element of Success for Social Entrepreneurship

Over the past weeks I have been hearing in my classes, about the weight that social entrepreneurs have in the world today, and its great impact today on society. For this reason I decided to write a few lines to describe one of the most important elements of this new way of doing business.

The true social entrepreneurs do not seek that the results are related to profits, this new way of doing business is focused on outcomes and impacts focus on the society. For those who are linked to these initiatives, Motivation is fundamental element, in my opinion is crucial because today we need more efforts and actions, which aim to strengthen the society and make globally this new way of doing business.

When we speak of motivation related to social entrepreneurs, we talk about the ability of the leaders of these initiatives in order to promote these ideas from two different perspectives, which is related to the Ideological and the one linked to the Human.

Before describing these two ideas, I want to remark, that in my opinion the ideal concept of motivation, from the point of view of social entrepreneurs is:

The potential that a person has to have a positive effect on others, based on an idea, to promote spreading a lead, where the goal is, to achieve all the resources and power needed, to develop the cause

The first idea is that every entrepreneur has a purpose, a reason that moves them, or an idea to develop and implement to achieve a personal goal, this is an unconditional principle of entrepreneurship. Is the direction in which we want to promote the ideas.

Social entrepreneurs are now a global trend, and the reasons for this are so diverse, but the important thing is that now a lot of expectations are linked to this new trend. For years entrepreneurs were seen as those that could start a business and make it a major undertaking, magnitudes and especially excellent economic performance.  But now entrepreneurs also have a new side, The social. The development of better conditions for society, where the ideology plays a key role in these times is the objective of this new way of doing business. This is why initiatives must be linked to an idea, to create them, promote them and turn them into tangible realities

Once these ideas are created by its developers, a second phase is vital to guarantee their survival. How much can we promote the idea among groups that take an interest in these initiatives?  This is where the entrepreneur must also prove itself, because it’s time to create and promote the tribe (followers), and once the tribe is made the most important step of all, motivate them to always follow them.

What does this mean?

The meaning is that motivation plays a critical role in the formation of teams of high performance, one in which they can achieve the goals. However, the idea that comes with greater force at the time of this writing is that without motivation nothing is possible, and I think that this is not a reflection only mine; probably you have it as well.

I dare say that if we want to consolidate this global trend and make it a global reality, we must ensure that our ideas will be related to ideals, so as recognize and motivate the people who help us develop our initiatives, because without them (Ideas and People) nothing will be possible, and our chances of failure increase significantly.

The collective efforts make the difference, and for this, motivation will always be a key element of success for Social Entrepreneurship.


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