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International Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility (Madrid)

International Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility (Madrid)


The programme is delivered to small groups and each participant’s progress is individually monitored. The student’s learning is reinforced with On Line support which improves communication between the participants, the lecturer and the EOI.

The programme combines theoretical sessions with practical training and is complemented with: Work Groups, Oral presentations, Practical case studies, Conferences and forums, Visits to technical facilities and Final Project.

Some important points:


The EOI Faculty is composed of professionals who work in important national and international organisations. They teach essential theoretical issues but also share their professional experience. Thus, debates in class are very frequent and they represent an unquestionable added value to this Master given the high profile of students: engineers, environmental managers, business administrators, psychologists… from all over the world.


During the programme students will be asked to submit business cases, papers and other practical assignments so they will be able to face real problems once working in the professional world.

Final Project

During the third trimester of the Master students will combine lectures with a final project, carried out in groups. The project will represent a real situation in a company or an international organisation and will be monitored by a tutor. Passing the final project is a necessary condition to be awarded the Masters official certificate.

Mentoring Programme

EOI-Business School Mentoring Programme aims to accompany students throughout the academic year in order to guide them personally and professionally. By means of personal interviews and specific Professional Guidance seminars, strong and weak points are detected from the student´ s personality in order to enhance the first ones and improve the second, during the training at EOI. This represents a big help for our students when joining the labour market.


As an added value, once finished the Master EOI students have the possibility to join a 6 to 12 month internship in private companies and other institutions. This allows students to put into practice what they have learned during the classes and represents an essential step to move into real business.