Creating your experience of life

  • Life at the Campus
  • Leisure, sports & cultural activities

Students have access not only to the facilities on campus but also to the outdoor activities, such as sport competitions or sociocultural activities.

Sociocultural activities

Being part of EOI is a something global that goes beyond the classroom, so we also organize recreational activities and scheduled outings to nature reserves, games to explore the city, workshops and visits to explore and learn more about a topic related to your educational experience.

Sports competitions

We promote the value of sport among our students. Besides being a health benefit, it’s a fun way to get to know fellow students at the campus. Throughout the year you can take part in the sports competitions we organize.

Cycles of Lectures, round tables & interviews

Another activity we carry out are areas to share ideas such as seminars, book presentations, round tables and conferences with professionals to delve into some of the fields of interest such as the digital economy and innovation.

Open voice spaces

We want to hear your voice and find out your opinions and experiences. We have therefore set up virtual and physical areas for you to express yourself. Together we build the school "live" that we want.

Bookcrossing practices

We believe in and are committed towards open knowledge and we encourage you to take part in the Bookcrossing. We have an official exchange point in our library where you can pick up the books that interest you and "free" those you want to share.