We dynamize free and open culture
beyond the digital scenario

We have extended
the library
and it has become

Can you imagine the world as one big open-air library where you could find a book anywhere? This is what Bookcrossing is about. At EOI we like everything entailed by being committed to open technology and for this reason we have opened an official Bookcrossing point at our school. So you are able to pick up those books that you find interesting or free up those you feel like sharing. Books in Bookcrossing can travel without a fixed destination; everything depends on who picks it up and where it’s freed to afterwards. You never know when you'll find something new and for this reason we want to promote this fun, open and global method of knowledge sharing.

We make it easier
for you
with our
open networks

To ensure immediate access to the digital environment, our school has an open WiFi network. Coverage is comprehensive throughout the lecture rooms, labs, library, cafeteria and even in the garden. We believe that access to the network is essential, so we want you to access content and spaces that form part of your daily life. Social networks, downloading course (or non-teaching) content and materials, access to our Moodle platform, or access to any online content that can complement, enhance or facilitate learning.

Your opinion
is important to us

Evolution is our way of trying to adapt to this constantly changing society. So we are always looking to improve and your feedback is very important to us. We have open spaces for giving your opinion at EOI where you can freely express yourself. You'll find two channels: physical channels that can be found in different spaces throughout the school to leave your message and the virtual board (on Facebook) that you can access from anywhere. The aim of these spaces is to be able to consider your opinion to build the school we all want, together. Because no one can identify new needs and opportunities better than you.

the use of space

We want you to learn by experimenting

We believe that experience is a good way to achieve new goals, and we understand that this space is important to facilitate and enable this. EOI makes labs, meeting and group work rooms available to students. The use of our rooms is not intended to simply be a place for individual study. These are places where you can create and experiment that are specially designed for teamwork. Due to the fact that they are also equipped to use different technologies, the right environment to generate a joint understanding and facilitate the creation of new ideas is available to students.

Our classes, a global issue

Our school is a place where we have transcended the concept that you know of a face-to-face class, to evolve into a new broader concept because we want to reach as many people as possible and make them participate. This is the case even beyond the school itself, making our classes become a public space. That's why we offer online live broadcasting (streaming) of some of our lectures, conferences and events through our website. So we manage to have a global reach. We do this interactively, as, while we convey our knowledge, anyone can participate through our social networks, give us feedback or give their points of views.

Believing in
producing knowledge
among everyone
and for everyone

Researching with everyone’s involvement

As an academic institution, we reserve resources and energy for research. EOI is committed to an open research model, in which researchers narrate their research experience "live" to enable them to enrich other points of view and different approaches and methodologies. In addition, we believe that researchers should facilitate the participation of other members of the educational community and society in general. We, therefore, also integrate public participation in the school’s knowledge so that anyone can edit content in them. Blogs on the other hand are a joint tool for participation. Through our collective blogs of programmes, our students can build new content that is also enriched by what others generate. In addition, comments can be left on all our blogs. They provide constant feedback through which you can also generate new content, correct information that is already there or provide different views on a particular topic.

We are part of a large knowledge cloud

There is a concept that represents the Internet: a huge open cloud that stores content that can be accessed by anyone. This arises from a new way of managing information, where technology becomes increasingly less important and where access to information ubiquity enables new forms of creation and collaboration. This enables new relationships and conversations to be generated as a much larger group that does not need to be related to the academic or professional environment can gain access to them. An example of which is Youtube, where we can upload our videos or Slideshare, where we share presentations. In this way we make it as easy as possible for our content to be distributed by anyone.

Listening and admiring, another way of expressing ourselves

"Traditional" academic content has great value, and is integrated into our educational and pedagogical model. But times have changed and we now have multiple channels through which to express ourselves, learn and inspire ourselves. We, therefore, collect other forms of expression such as music or photography in our knowledge bank and are always committed to forms of open distribution. You’ll consequently find free music, pictures and drawings in our collective spaces. Through our blogs we also gather suggestions made by our students on other databases where Creative Commons content can be found. We make occasional announcements where lists of songs with a copyleft license are made. And we also host photo contests to encourage our students to participate in illustrating the school’s content.

Building spaces
for dialogue
and exchanging experiences

We offer activities for everyone everywhere

In addition to intense activity in the lecture room, we strive to provide students, the academic community and society, with an intensive conference plan. This is because we believe it is important to know, first hand, the experience of people in many relevant areas. EOI has an extensive programme of events, conferences and workshops, which are activities that can be freely attended. As we try to take advantage of technology, we broadcast through streaming online most of our events and conferences. In addition, most of these activities are recorded and stored in our media library and YouTube channel.

We put you in contact with other types of experiences

We understand that training goes far beyond the lecture room and School’s space. And our commitment goes beyond lecture hours. To apply a more specific knowledge acquired in the school and get closer to reality first hand, we give you the opportunity to participate in activities such as going on excursions, games, scheduled visits and city tours. The aim of these activities is to see how you can practically apply the broad knowledge that we have given you inside the school. These experiences enrich our viewpoint, give us new ideas for our projects and are another area of openly exchanging experiences and views. This is a way of learning not only the professional side but also on the personal side.