An educational model aligned
with an open and globalized society

We promote
the value of people
in a global economy

The social economy is a way of understanding the economy that promotes values based on solidarity, social responsibility and promoting business ethics. A model in which competition does not conflict with cooperation.

We believe that change is possible and necessary, developing a social economy that impacts the value of people, which is respectful of its territory, promotes a fairer distribution of wealth and ensures people's dignity. Our educational model is developed taking these values into account and provides our students with the tools needed to address climate change. We therefore prepare tomorrow's professionals to develop and lead competitive businesses in which production and employment are compatible with solidarity and social responsibility.

We support
the intensive use
of technology
in our teaching

Through technology and its uses, we have changed our way of seeing the world, the way we interact, communicate, learn and even grow professionally. With over one billion users, the Internet has become a new laboratory to produce knowledge and enhance information. Professional partnerships are becoming more open, and for this reason the current model of business creation and management would not be how it is without a digital economy.

We want to be part of this global environment, promoting an open school, naturally integrating technology use in the everyday life of the managers and executives of tomorrow, promoting a participative and collaborative spirit. Our training specifically applies technological knowledge in a digital economy. So you are able to connect to a world of possibilities to be an active node in the network.

Making a profit
isn't the only variable
used to measure
business success

In today's society we are constantly searching to improve economic development. However, this planet’s resources are limited and ecosystems are susceptible to the impact of human activity; therefore, it is important not to forget that economic development must be inevitably linked to sustainability. The dimensions of sustainability are environmental as well as economic, and social. The responsibility is within our hands to consolidate a green economy with a business model that, in addition to being competitive in the market, is respectful of the environment and the people who inhabit it.

Our school is a pioneer in promoting environmental values and we have a long tradition of training that fosters transitioning businesses to a green economy, so that sustainability becomes a fulfilled objective in the workplace of the future.

We are committed
to being creative
to identify talent

An original idea can be a seed for creating a business. In an evolving economy, it is increasingly important to identify market and people’s needs, even before they appear. We need to fully understand the society around us, the current economic system and how the consumer moves within this. Stimulating creativity plays a very important role when finding out and anticipating these needs to create products and services that are positioned in your industry and in the market.

The creative economy is emerging as an essential component of economic growth, innovation and employment. Managers and executives trained at the School will be able to identify the opportunities that this opens up for their personal background, their companies and our society.

Our commitment
to being open
is a future alternative

We believe that other economic models are possible, such as the open economy. Enterprises and service providers working in another way to understand labour relations, intellectual property, its role and value in the Company. The concept of benefit under this framework is not only linked to individual economic interests but included within a framework of the good of the community as a whole. First and foremost a flexible economy is defined as one in which people are at the core, implying open business models, networks in which different and highly-specialised players communicate and cooperate, aided by constant innovation that enables each product and service to stand out from the rest.