Master in Quality Management and Business Excellence.
EOI - Aenor

Know, optimise and improve business and organisation processes

  • Know how excellence models work in Europe
  • Competently handle the tools of quality systems
  • Solve problems in production and services
  • Schedule: Oct 2015 to Jul 2016
  • Place: Madrid
  • Price: €14,070
  • Dedication: Full Time
  • Length: 520 hours
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  • Timetable: Monday to Friday, from 17:00 to 21:00 h.
  • Method: Classroom-based
  • Language: Spanish
  • Study trip: Optional
The programme aims to train experts in optimising the management of organisations, so that they confidently walk towards excellence. It combines theory with practical application and the experience of professionals in the teaching staff, fostering management skills to ensure the professional success of participants. And all this with the pledge of this master's advisory council: a guarantee of a job in the sector.
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Studies focused on:
  • openSocial economy
    Social economy

    The social economy is a way of understanding the economy that promotes values based on solidarity, social responsibility and promoting business ethics...

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  • openDigital economy
    Digital economy

    Through technology and its uses, we have changed our way of seeing the world, the way we interact, communicate, learn and even grow professionally...

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  • openSustainable economy
    Sustainable economy

    In today's society we are constantly searching to improve economic development. However, this planet's resources are limited and ecosystems are susceptible to the impact of human activity...

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  • openCreative economy
    Creative economy

    An original idea can be a seed for creating a business. In an evolving economy, it is increasingly important to identify market and people's needs...

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  • openOpen economy
    Open economy

    We believe that other economic models are possible, such as the open economy. Enterprises and service providers working in another way to understand labour relations, intellectual property, its role and value in the Company...

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The teaching staff is made up of a team of specialist professionals and teachers who share a common denominator: a passion for teaching and management development.

These are renowned business leaders and teachers who combine theoretical knowledge with extensive experience and proven teaching skills. Knowledge, experience and a professional background provide the programme participants with a practical and effective grounding to carry out their management role.

The knowledge we provide mould experts so companies and organisations can confidently walk towards management excellence. + Serafín Carballo Cuervo

Serafín Carballo Cuervo Director of the Master Programme


The teachers of this programme work at
  • Orange
  • Black Bell
  • TecnoQuality Consulting
  • ENDESA Group
  • Vodafone
  • ENAC

...And many others

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We have a unique method of learning and development that combines theory and practice, which is dynamic, rich in experiences and aimed at putting the knowledge gained immediately into action in the subsequent job performance.

The vast majority of subjects are addressed from multiple perspectives: case studies, technical notes, master classes, lectures, presentations, and so on. This facilitates a solid conceptual base focused on enhancing these skills through a practical and professional approach.

Methodology focused on:
  • openM-learning

    Mobile learning philosophy is about integrating the possibilities offered by a mobile terminal to follow an open and networked education...

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  • openBusiness projects
    Business projects

    Closely linked to learning by doing, we believe that an independent project in which you can apply the various points learned is a good learning model...

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  • openDesign thinking
    Design thinking

    Practice improves, based on repetition, our actions and knowledge, and we train for real situations that will happen in the future...

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  • openOutdoor training
    Outdoor training

    Our school concept is a global concept, so we want to go beyond what is usually understood by academic. The experience of studying with us is not only in lecture rooms...

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  • openStudy trip
    Study trip

    They say that a trip can change your life. And we want to offer you the opportunity to live an enriching and formative experience both on a professional as well as a personal level...

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  • openWork-study programs
    Work-study programs

    Once the master has been completed, the training received in our teaching programme is complemented by carrying out work experience at a company...

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  • openOpen digital tools
    Open digital tools

    Digital tools promote a more open school and allow us to extend the classroom into an expanded learning model: the classroom is only the beginning...

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  • openOpen activities
    Open activities

    Our commitment to open knowledge also involves our activities: an open school, with lecture rooms, activities and open areas...

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