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Seville is a city with around 750,000 inhabitants. It is an ideal city to spend time at university, where you can enjoy peace and tranquillity and quality of life, whatever type you choose: flat sharing, individual apartment, halls of residence, etc.

At EOI, we can advise you on finding the best option for your needs. In our Student Services department you can find information on external companies specialising in finding accommodation that will give you a discount for studying at EOI if you settle on this option.

If you prefer to flat share, our department is a meeting point where we can contact other students who have come here and are looking for the same option as you.

It is difficult to pinpoint the cost of living in Seville. The following table can be used as a guideline to the monthly cost:

  • Accommodation (individual) € 300 - 600
  • Accommodation (shaded) € 150 - 400
  • Electricity, water, gas € 50
  • Meals € 200
  • Transport € 25
  • Medical Assurance € 75
  • Approximate monthly cost € 500 - 900



Seville's gastronomy is characterised by the wealth of flavours, resulting from the mix of cultures that have lived here throughout history. In addition, you can enjoy all kinds of natural products, because of its proximity to the mountains, land and sea.

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Seville is the capital of Andalusia and a place where you can find all kinds of shops. Besides offering a wide variety of products, you can enjoy the local arts and crafts and gourmet products with designation of origin.

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Seville nightlife

Many nightclubs are the stars of nightlife in Seville. You can enjoy restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Or if you’d prefer to have a more typical flavour of Seville, you can enjoy Flamenco Shows, which are the essence of the city.

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Sevilla business center

During the 1992 World Expo, Seville was a window to the world. That spirit is still in the city, which houses some of the biggest companies in the area and where the Isla Cartuja technology park is located, where our school is located.

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City of opportunities

Given its geographical location, Seville has always been a place of opportunity, and the source of many trade routes. It’s a business landmark today which is continually committed to innovation, development and research in technology.

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In Seville you can visit a wide variety of exhibitions and museums. Visit the legacy of cultures as diverse as Islamic, Visigothic or Romanic in the Archaeological Museum or admire the paintings in the Museum of Fine Arts.

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Seville has several theatres where some of the most outstanding works are staged. With national and international dance and theatre companies that will offer you their best stage.

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Although there are numerous concerts of all styles in Seville, the highlight is Flamenco. This art is anchored in the city’s roots, and was recently named as Intangible Cultural Heritage by Unesco. Feeling it is worth the effort.

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