We think the lecture room
is only the beginning

Project your ideas and build
your business

Closely linked to learning by doing, we believe that an independent project in which you can apply the various points learned is a good learning model. Therefore our aim is for you to carry out, in the final phase of your training, a joint project to put all the theoretical knowledge you have gained with us into practice step by step. Each person in the group brings their perspective to this project and it is prepared following a defined methodology and supervised by a tutor. To give you clear idea of all stages that can turn an idea into reality: from defining the project through the planning, while also learning the means by which it can be put into motion up to the development and implementation phase.

The lecture room
is only the beginning

The School understands that the lecture room is an important area, but you will discover many other areas when learning with us. Mobile learning philosophy is about integrating the possibilities offered by a mobile terminal to follow an open and networked education, accessing information from anywhere and one in which different people make connections.

Through this project, EOI has been working since 2009 with the use of free software, Android, on creating Creative Commons licensed content, the use of teaching platforms like Moodle and social networks to promote knowledge sharing. We see education as something that is not only one way (teacher to student), but something global where everyone can enrich their knowledge.

Unblock your mind

Sometimes we have difficulty generating ideas and we are blocked. Design thinking is a tool that stimulates creativity and a method that can be applied to meet day-to-day challenges. It uses actual design skills, tools and processes to generate new ideas and solutions in a group. The design thinking process stimulates an individual’s imagination by following a procedure, first making contact with real situations in which people are interviewed (users), then favouring the generation of alternatives without thinking about materials or time constraints (futurisation), and finally inviting them to represent any small idea they may have for a solution (prototype)

As our mind sometimes just needs a little push and this is what design thinking does.

Putting theory
into practise
is the best way
to learn

Practice improves, based on repetition, our actions and knowledge, and we train for real situations that will happen in the future. At EOI we think a very important part of the learning process is carrying out practical exercises throughout your individual and group training. The method we use is learning by doing, which encourages the participation, collaboration and creativity of everyone involved and facilitates taking the initiative. This sometimes takes place in areas that can be richer or others that are more basic, but always thinking about optimising your results, helping you to acquire new as well as consolidate existing knowledge.Content. Learning by doing. SC

with us

Our school concept is a global concept, so we want to go beyond what is usually understood by academic. The experience of studying with us is not only in lecture rooms. It begins with training outside the lecture room through a series of activities in which we want to breathe what the environment in our school is like that gives you an idea of how to live on campus. So you can also get to know your classmates and they get to know you and you can feel what it is to form a group from the first day.

During the time of your training, you’ll not only study with us but you’ll be part of this great team that our school is made up of, and this activity is intended for you to dive deeper into this experience.

there is no path,
you make your own
by walking

They say that a trip can change your life. And we want to offer you the opportunity to live an enriching and formative experience both on a professional as well as a personal level. We offer our students the opportunity to meet other examples of how to do business and how to deal with business management issues in person, with study trips lasting one to two weeks in places like Portland, Florida, Buenos Aires and Shanghai. You will visit key companies in the area on these trips as well as familiarise yourself with other cultures and receive training with executives and speakers. So you can enrich yourself with our most international and global part of the school.

We help you
with the leap into
your profession life,
towards your job

Once the master has been completed, the training received in our teaching programme is complemented by carrying out work experience at a company. These placements last for up to a year and are designed to make the most of the training you receive from us and help you make the leap from academic to professional life.

We have agreements with some of the most competitive companies in the sectors in which we teach master programmes in order to have different possibilities and offer you an optimal way to apply your knowledge in a professional context. In addition, work experience placements at companies provide the perfect platform to give you the opportunity to find a job in your chosen sector.