International Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility

Lead Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility Projects

  • Devise Sustainability Strategies in private companies, international organisations and NGOs
  • Identify key indicators to evaluate strategies for Sustainability
  • Develop engagement strategies to effectively communicate with the different stakeholders
  • Schedule: Oct 2015 to Jul 2016
  • Place: Madrid
  • Price: €14,820
  • Dedication: Full Time
  • Length: 750 hours
More details
  • Timetable: Monday to friday, from 09:30 to 14:00. Some classes will be given in the afternoon, from 16:00h to 20:00h
  • Method: Classroom-based
  • Language: English
  • Study trip: Optional
International Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility (Madrid)


Aguirre, Carlos

Industrial Engineering Degree with specialization in energy.

Master in Business Administration (MBA) at the Instituto Superior de la Energía (ISE). Coordinated by Repsol and IESE Business School.

Adviser to the Secretary of State for Energy - Ministry of Industry Energy and Tourism.

Member of the Board at CORES - Corporation of Strategic Reserves of Oil-based products.

Aguirre Calzada, Manuel

International MBA
M.S. in Environmental Engineering and Management
Degree in Occupational Health & Safety
Bachelor in Chemistry
CSR & Sustainability Manager
Atento (Grupo Telefónica)

Bajo, Anna

Bachelor in Business Administration

Executive MBA (Instituto de Empresa)

Independent Consultant

Cabeza, Álvaro

Industrial Engineer

Institutional Relationship Manager for Spain and Andorra

Amundi Asset Management (SPAIN)

Castañeda, Sonia

Master of Science in Environmental Legal, Economic and Social Organisation

Degree in Law

Granda Revilla, German

Licenciado en CC. Económicas y Empresariales. CUNEF, Univ. Complutense de Madrid y Licenciado en Ciencias Políticas y Sociología.UNED.
Diplomado en Economía. Universidad Católica de Lovaina.
Master of Sc. in Business Strategy & Environmental Management. University of Bradford.
Diploma de estudios avanzados (DEA). Dpto. Organización de Empresas. Facultad de CC Económicas y Empresariales. UNED.
Gestor medioambiental. European organisation for quality (EOQ)
Programa de desarrollo directivo (PDD). IESE Business School.

Labriet, Maryse

PhD in Environmental Sciences (Canada).

Energy/Industrial Engineer (France).

ENERIS Environment Energy Consultants.

López-Brea, Marcos

Founder and General Manager, UBUNTU Consultancy Services

BSc Economics UAM

MSc Power Sector ICAI

MSc Energy Systems ICAI


Partidario, Rosario

M.S. in Urban and Regional Planning

Degree in Environmental Engineering

Peck, Philip

PhD in Engineering

M.S. in Environmental Management and Policy

Bachelor of Engineering

Scade, John C.

Managing Director MAS Business

Representative of AccountAbility in Spain AccountAbility member

Serrano Paradinas, Jorge

Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos por la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Diplomado en Economía y Desarrollo en London School of Economics.

Máster en Gestión de Infraestructuras (EOI).

En la Actualidad es Gerente de la Fundación Entreculturas.

Silos Leal, Jaime

M.S. in Business Administration

Master´s Degree in Financial Markets

Bachelor in Law

Corporate Development Department - FORETICA

Stott, Leda

Masters Degree in Social Sciences (MSc African Studies). Bachelors Degree in Arts (BA History)
Senior Consultant, Cross Sector Partnerships, Development Issues and Corporate Social Responsibility
Partnership Expert, European Social Fund / European Commission
Senior Associate, The Partnering Initiative / International Business Leaders Forum