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After having read a lot of links related to open innovation and lead user innovation, I have been thinking how to write something about this without being repetitive. Then an idea came from to my mind, what would I like as an user? Of course, an interesting article with  clears examples.

Open innovation as Henry Chesbrough predicted, is supposing a different way of thinking about improving services and goods. Why? Because of the time where we are living, the immediate interconnections between different communities , the knowledge established in the world, the  needs of the users, the constant movement of professional workers, and the power of the suppliers.

Since the point of view that everybody is creative, who does never think in something that a product or company could offer for improving the service or the item made? Who never thought about being entrepreneur? Who never wanted to be a hero? Who never was a child? So, thousand of heads think more than hundreds…Research and Development is not enough for the time we live in.

A good example in this field is Starbucks, they have a website where they ask their clients how they can improve their service.  http://www.starbucks.com/coffeehouse/community/mystarbucksidea.

Another good and close example is the using/experimenting collaborative idea platform (CIMP), where the EOI students have uploaded their ideas about doing the EOI more sustainable. Everybody had to upload ideas and suggest opinions on others’ ideas for developing them. No idea was developed without a  constructive community suggestion for improving it.


Lead user innovation, is a kind of open innovation focused on the users of the items or services. Dr. Eric Von Hippel started to introduce a new way to develope new products. Now companies are using this tool to develope or create their products. Users do not only give their opinion about the service or product, but even about the needs and the possible solutions. The users’ communities are important too because they involve a huge number of clients.

As a good example, here is the link of Threadless, http://www.threadless.com/, an online community of artists and an e-commerce American website. There, the artists make their own designs, and then the clients vote those ones they most like, producing and sending them across the world by means of the company.


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